Solar PV System Design & Installations

We have the experience and knowledge for optimizing solar photovoltaic installations. Since Kenya has a high solar irradiation and a relatively high electricity price, solar energy is a strong competitor in the electricity market with the potential to fully remove polluting technologies based on fossil fuels. We assess the potential for any facility to benefit from solar energy and design a solar PV system that fits.

Energy Auditing

We undertake investigations of all facets of a facility’s historical and current energy use with the objective of identifying and quantifying areas of energy wastage within the organisation’s activities.This establishes the baseline for any improvements in the facility energy use, as it provides a comprehensive and systematic method for targeting cost effective energy efficiency gains. High quality measurement instruments are used where needed.

Project Management

We provide consultants for installation of solar PV systems as well as supervision in all steps of the implementation process. The major customer segments for references are from the following industries: food processing, beverage, manufacturing/assembly, cement, environmental, material handling, water pumping and waste water treatment.