This make it possible for the water-pump at the site to provide clean drinking water for the 300 students everyday.

Households in the area do have the possibility to connect to this pump, the price can be low because of the solar installation from Miale and make it long term sustainable

Solar Options for Schools

There are several options for solar panel installation in schools.

Solar panels must be placed in an area that receives direct sunlight for the majority of the day, preferably on the roof of a building or in a large plot of land that is not covered by trees or other obstructions.

Energy Savings

Transitioning to solar power does not necessarily mean that a school will consume less energy.
However, by using solar, schools can draw less from fossil fuels, which are more expensive and negatively impact the environment. While startup costs for a larger school will certainly be expensive, over time, the savings will justify the initial investment. Furthermore, schools have a number of financing options to pay for upfront installation costs of integrated solar power systems. These include bonds, loans, equipment leasing, or in some cases, third-party financing.

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