Maile Solar Inventions are very proud to announce that three new international investors joined us as shareholders as well as senior advisors. The investors have vast experience and knowledge within renewable energy, hence not only contributing with financial strength, but also with invaluable knowledge and advice.

Expression from the new shareholders:
When we heard about Miale, developed by Swedish and Kenyan co-founders, we immediately became interested – solar energy is definitely the energy of the future, especially for countries with large solar radiation like Kenya – environmentally friendly, cheap and locally produced. After meeting some of Miale’s committed and knowledgeable founders, we wanted to become a partner – both because we believe that Miale has the opportunity to be financially successful and because it feels good to be a partner in a company that in various ways contributes to a better future for Kenya.
Best regards and all of luck for the Miale team!
Bengt Johansson, Örjan Hedblom and Ingvar Svantesson


Bengt Johansson

For 25 years Bengt Johansson has been a board member, many years as a chairman, for Eolus Vind AB. Eolus is a publicly listed (Nasdaq Stockholm Mid Cap) company with a share value of 500+ million USD. Bengt is owner of Domneåns Kraftaktiebolag, the largest shareholder in Eolus Vind AB. Bengt has a great knowledge and interest in the renewable energy business

Örjan Hedblom

Örjan Hedblom, Chairman of the board in a wind power company since 1995. Örjan started the first Swedish wind power news magazine “Svensk Vindkraft” where he was the responsible editor. He has also been highly engaged in the Swedish and has been officer in Swedish Wind Energy Association. Örjan is also founder of a magazine of electrical cars and has a passionate interest in renewable energy and electric cars for a sustainable future and the survival of mankind.

Ingvar Svantesson

Ingvar Svantesson has worked with management and project development in the wind power sector in Sweden and Baltic for almost 30 years. He has been member of the board in Eolus Vind AB in 25 years. Ingvar is highly involved in environmental development, supplying his household and electric car with renewable energy from the solar panels installed at the roof of his house.

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