Miale Solar Inventions Ltd. is based in Nairobi, Kenya. Our vision is to provide renewable energy solutions to commercial, industrial entities as well as residential developments thereby contributing positively to sustainable development. We are a team of professionals with combined experience of over 20 years in the renewable energy sector, with over 1000 installations made.

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What we do

Products and Solutions

Power Purchase Agreement

The Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is a contract whereby we sell the generated electricity at a price substantially lower than what you would otherwise have paid to Kenya Power.

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Lease to Own Model

In the lease to own model, Miale Solar covers the upfront costs required for setting up the solar PV system and the client benefits from a positive cash flow already from year one. This is also sometimes called 'Hire Purchase Agreement

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Direct Purchase

Our solar PV system offers are competitive in terms of quality and price thanks to smart design work, an efficient supply chain and best practice installation routines.

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what we do

Consultancy and Advisory

Solar PV System Design & Installations

We have the experience and knowledge for optimizing solar photovoltaic installations. Since Kenya has a high solar irradiation and a relatively high electricity price…

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Energy Auditing

We undertake investigations of all facets of an organisation’s historical and current energy use with the objective of identifying and quantifying areas of energy wastage within the organisation’s activities.

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Project Management

We provide consultants for installation of solar PV systems as well as supervision in all steps of the implementation process. The major customer segments for references are from the following industries:…

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Don’t Choose Extinction

Reducing fossil fuel doesn’t mean reducing quality life. We are still enjoying all the things we love by switching to renewable- powered or carbon-offset versions of them.

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Ongoing Installation

We are currently installing a 360kWp Ground Mounted Grid-tie Solar PV System at Nakuru Water and Sanitation Services Company Limited in Nakuru.

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We have just commissioned our first 42kWp 72kWh Hybrid Solar PV system at Kutoka Ardhini in Lungalunga. At Miale Solar we use the latest technology and best quality components such as Lithium-ion batteries used in this system.

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